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Award-Winning Documentary Videos Services

Experience the award-winning documentaries produced by Digital Creativity, a leading video production service in Leeds. Known for our core values of authenticity, creativity, and storytelling, we create captivating and meaningful documentaries that resonate with audiences.

Discover the power of authentic storytelling with Digital Creativity’s exceptional documentary services.

Award-winning documentary video production in Leeds
Authentic Documentaries with a Twist
Creativity Infused Video Storytelling

How we can help

At Digital Creativity, we’re passionate about bringing your stories to life through our documentary production services. Based in Leeds, we’re committed to authenticity, creativity, and storytelling, values that guide each project we undertake.

We’ll work closely with you to capture the essence of your narrative, crafting a powerful, engaging documentary that resonates with your audience. Trust us to transform your ideas into a visually compelling story that speaks volumes about your message.

Why choose us?

At Digital Creativity, we’re more than just a video production service. Based in Leeds, we’re an award-winning team committed to authenticity, creativity, and masterful storytelling. We’re passionate about producing top-notch documentaries that truly resonate with audiences.

With us, you’re not just getting a video – you’re getting a captivating narrative that’s expertly crafted and uniquely yours. So, why choose us for your documentaries? Because we believe in the power of storytelling and we’re ready to help you share your story with the world.

The Power of Documentaries: Storytelling, Education, and Awareness

We’re all familiar with the magic of storytelling. There’s nothing quite like losing ourselves in a captivating narrative, following the twists and turns, and finally reaching that satisfying ending. But when it comes to documentaries, we’re dealing with a special kind of storytelling. It’s not just about enchanting tales or engrossing drama — it’s about real life. We’re speaking truths, sharing experiences, and shedding light on topics that matter. The stories we tell in our documentaries are the voices of real people, the echoes of true events, and the reflections of our world.

Education is another huge component of what we do. We’re not just spinning tales; we’re sharing knowledge. Our documentaries are steeped in research, filled with facts, and brimming with insights. We dive deep into subjects, exploring every angle, every facet, and every perspective. We’re not content with surface-level understanding. We want to dig deeper, learn more, and then share that knowledge with our audience. We’re passionate about education because we believe in the power of informed awareness.

And then there’s the matter of awareness. We’re not just educating for the sake of knowledge, we’re educating to inspire change. Our documentaries serve as a mirror to society, highlighting issues that often go unnoticed or ignored. We shine a spotlight on injustice, inequality, and the struggles faced by individuals and communities around the world. We’re not just observers, we’re advocates. Through our documentaries, we aim to ignite conversations, stimulate debates, and ultimately, instigate change. We use storytelling and education to promote awareness, because we believe that awareness is the first step towards a better world.

Who says we are Awesome?

“We contacted them knowing that they’re specialists in higher education marketing. We gave them a quick deadline and turnaround time, and they jumped in and produced something extraordinary. They’ve delivered perfectly on everything. The feedback from everyone around the school has been great — they say it’s creative and nice to look at. It’s a great change from the usual corporate stuff we produce.

All in all, we’ve seen an increase in engagement in the posts. Also, we have more followers, and the website's thought leadership section has increased in followers as well.

Working with people you get along with is key, and they’re really nice people. The team is creative, and they understand higher education and how to reach its audience, which is vital. Moreover, their work is fantastic. Everyone loves it.”

Bex HenleyMarketing Manager, SBS - University of Oxford

We're not just making videos, we're telling your story.
Ready to bring your story to life? Let's get started with us today!

The Unparalleled Power of Documentaries

Documentaries are more than just moving pictures on your screen. They’re an influential medium that has the power to educate, inspire, and even change the world. At Digital Creativity, we’re deeply passionate about harnessing this power to tell stories that matter.

We’ve been in the business of video production for years, and we’ve seen firsthand how documentaries can shape public opinion and inspire action. They can bring to light issues that are often overlooked, and give a voice to those who are often unheard. It’s this potential for impact that drives us to produce award-winning documentaries right here in Leeds.


What kind of documentaries do you produce?

We’re capable of producing a wide range of documentaries. We’re all about telling authentic and creative stories regardless of the subject matter.

Do you have any examples of documentaries you've produced in the past?

Yes, we do. We’d be more than happy to share some of our previous work with you. We’re proud of the documentaries we’ve produced and we believe they truly showcase our core values of authenticity, creativity, and storytelling.

Can we be involved in the documentary-making process?

Absolutely! We’re always open to collaboration. We believe it’s crucial to include the perspectives of those we’re documenting to ensure the story is as authentic as possible.